• Climate Controlled

    We Have Multiple Rooms.

  • Fenced, Back-Yard

    Safe off-leash, outdoors.

  • Full Day and Half Day

    Options for your schedule.

  • Trained Professionals

    First-Aid Certified, Staff.

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Quality Daycare

Our Dog World daycare has a trained dog handler in the playroom at all times.
Socializing your dog helps him/her to become a happy, healthy, and well-behaved member of your family.
We create a safe, fun environment for your dog to play off-leash and hang-out cage-free; both indoors, and outside making friends and expelling energy so you take home a happy and tired dog!

DropOffs & PickUps

Once your dog has completed their Meet and Greet- they are welcome to come to daycare any time!

    Monday - Friday: 7AM - 7PM

    Saturday: 9AM- 6:00PM

    Sunday: Closed

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We are the only doggy daycare, downtown Toronto that has their very own private, fenced-in yard; this outdoor space is perfect to ensure that your city pup has the opportunity to freely and safely explore! ​ ​

We understand that every dog has their own needs and play types which is why we separate our dogs in different playrooms depending on temperament and play style. Your dog's comfort is very important to us as we have 24/7 climate-controlled daycare playrooms.

Packages and Pricing

The following daycare rates and packages are valid for use during our regular daycare operating hours. 

Full Day Visit: $42 (more than 4 hours)
save on days with our package rates:
5 Full Day: $200   
10 Full Day: $380  
20 Full Day: $700  
50 Full Day: $1450 

Half Day Visit: $30 (less than 4 hours)
save on days with our package rates:
5 Half Day:
10 Half Day:
20 Half Day:
50 Half Day:

Holiday Surcharge +$10



Add an Exploration Walk to any day of daycare! 

Allow your dog to explore the vast outdoors and expel extra energy while learning leash manners and how to properly socialize in a pack by enjoying our Exploration Walks! Held in 30 minute sessions in small groups.

$20 per 30 minute session

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Things to Know Before Daycare

What We Need Before Your First Visit

Meet and Greet; Register a Profile - this way we know your dogs needs and have all their certifications on file.

Medical Requirements

To ensure safety for you and your pets, all pets must be current with vaccinations or have a valid titre test certificate.  Pet owners are required to bring proof of vaccinations or titre test upon registration.  We reserve the right to refuse entrance should vaccination proof not be provided.

The following are vaccinations needed for dogs participating in daycare and boarding:




Flea Prevention*

*We do suggest that you get flea prevention medicine from your vet,
however, we do have a generic topical Flea Prevention that we can
administer as per request at a fee of $25+tax

Dog World will accept puppies that are on a vaccination program with their second set of puppy shots completed. Dogs do not need to be neutered or spayed in order to attend our facility.  However, we will not accept females in heat and may refuse intact males who are overly aggressive that are 1 years old or younger. 


Safety is our priority! All dogs staying at Dog World must be non-aggressive and not overly dominant. Owners will need to verify that their dog has not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behavior towards any person or another dog. Please remember that when your dog frequents the daycare play areas he/she will be in contact with many other types of dogs and the health and safety of all animals is our main concern. These play areas will be supervised, however much like a dog park, acts of aggression can happen very quickly and without warning. If your dog is involved in an incident that Dog World deems unacceptable, Dog World reserves the right to remove your pet to its own separate area for safety reasons until your arrival. Owners are responsible and liable should your pet cause injuries or damages to other animals. The safety and comfort of every dog entering our facility is our top priority and we reserve the right to restrict admittance into it at any time. 

What To Bring: Food

Please feel free to bring any food or treats for your dog during daycare! To ensure the well being of your pet we will not feed anything to them that is not directed or provided by you due to allergies or any other dietary restrictions. 

What To Bring: Bedding & Belongings

We have all the luxurious necessities! We will provide your dog with
food/water bowls and toys to play with throughout the day! Please bring a collar and flat leash.  

What To Bring: Medications

Please bring any necessary medication that your dog will be needed for the duration of their stay. See below for more information!


If your pet requires medication during their day we are happy to help! As long as it doesn't affect other clients - so please no transferable issues like fleas or kennel cough.
Please provide the medication labeled with your dog's first and last name at drop off with times the medication needs to be administered, how much needs to be administered, and what the medication does, as well as any other necessary information. Please keep in mind that although Dog World staff will do our best to care for your pet, we are not trained veterinarian technicians.